Ezekiel 17 – The Majestic Cedar

This is such good news! It comes at the end of a riddle, and sounds like a riddle itself. What is the Lord talking about?

Ezekiel was told to speak a riddle to the exiles around him, which would prophecy of the end of King Zedekiah. When Israel was taken into exile, and there was no more king on the throne in Jerusalem, it appeared that all hope was lost for any continuation of the nation and Davidic dynasty.

But God gave hope through His message. Ezekiel 17:22 is a messianic prophecy! Jesus is the tender one, the tender sprig from the top of the cedar tree. God will plant Him on Mount Zion as the true king of Israel – this will be fulfilled in the Millennial Kingdom.

I’ll explain more in my video below.

I am walking through the exercises of Unit 5, Lesson 4. If you have a workbook, you can follow along with that.