Ezekiel 48 – Reviewing the Attributes of God in Ezekiel 1-48

The end of the book of Ezekiel is as exciting as the beginning!

  • The Lord has promised that He will regather Israel to the land He gave them through Abraham
  • The whole nation will know Him and have life through His Holy Spirit
  • All 12 tribes will have a designated portion of land that belongs to them
  • The city of Jerusalem will belong to all 12 tribes of Israel
  • The sons of Jacob will be honored as the gates of Jerusalem are named after them
  • And the Lord will dwell in their midst – YHWH SHAMMAH – the LORD is There

YHWH SHAMMAH – The LORD is there – Jesus will reign

YHWH SHAMMAH – The LORD is there – the glory of God the Father will be there

YHWH SHAMMAH – The LORD is there – the Holy Spirit will be there, indwelling Israelites and Gentiles

Magnificent days of praise and prosperity are in the future!

The last question asked in the workbook That You May Know the Lord is: “How have you experienced the presence of the Lord during your time in His Word? How have you come to know the Lord?” This is a reflective question for the women who have been studying the book of Ezekiel with me.

One of the ladies shared her answer and is allowing me to share it with you. She also loves to add some color to her workbook, and she is allowing me to share her lovely pictures. (Thank you for sharing this, Janet!)

Through Ezekiel and the nation of Israel, I have seen the mighty hand of the Lord.

Through Ezekiel I have seen the importance of being obedient, courageous, and faithful to that which God calls you. More importantly I saw God strengthen and equip Ezekiel for every task. God also allowed Ezekiel to see His glory and his response was to bow in worship before His holiness.

Regarding the nation of Israel, I have watched them continue to stray from God and I have seen their blatant disobedience toward Him. But I have also seen our promise keeping, faithful, long-suffering, loving God continue to draw them toward Himself and we know the end of the story is amazing. God will gather His people that have been scattered and bring them into the land that He promised, where Jesus Himself will reign forevermore in the city named “The LORD is There.”

In my video, I’ll review the book of Ezekiel with an emphasis on the attributes of God that we’ve seen highlighted throughout the book and prophecies.

(there is no powerpoint)