Ezekiel 46 and 47 – The Kingdom of Christ

I love thinking about the beautiful Messianic Kingdom! As I understand Scripture, and end-times, by the time Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom on earth, believers of the church age will have been raptured, and the terrible 7 years of tribulation will be at its very end. Jesus will defeat the antichrist, judge the living unbelievers who survived the tribulation, and He will welcome believing Israel and believing Gentiles into His Kingdom. Raptured and glorified church age saints will reign with Jesus and serve Him and the people of the Messianic Kingdom.

Our studies in Ezekiel 46 and 47 have shown us more details about the temple, and the sacrifices, and who is involved. Ezekiel 46-47 give instructions as to how to worship our holy God whose shekinah glory will be present in the temple. In Ezekiel 47, we learn about the river of life that flows east to the (now) Dead Sea. It will be the Living Sea in that day! Fish will thrive in the water and trees on its banks will produce abundant fruit.

Ezekiel 40-48 are all about the Messianic Kingdom (which we often refer to as the Millennial Kingdom). But Ezekiel is not the only prophet who was given the forecast of the Kingdom. There are many other descriptions of the magnificence and blessedness of those 1000 years on planet earth.

In my lecture, I will try to imagine one of the activities that glorified saints could have during that time. Then I will discuss the end-times timeline and where I understand Ezekiel’s prophecies to fit in to it. And then, I’ll share some of the special aspects of the Kingdom that we haven’t discussed yet.

I hope you are intrigued! It’s going to be great! And the best thing about it is – YHWH SHAMMAH – The LORD is THERE! (Ezekiel 48:35)