Ezekiel 40-48 Millennial Kingdom Sacrifices

Sacrifices? In the Millennial Kingdom? When Jesus is right there, on the throne of the Temple?


The Lord gave Ezekiel very detailed instructions regarding the altar, sacrifices, and special feasts. Ezekiel, who was a priest, recorded the commands of the Lord as to who is to do what, when, and where. There are so many clearly defined laws of the Temple (Ezekiel 43:12). Should these laws be interpreted literally or symbolically? There are many Christians who consider Ezekiel’s description to be symbolic.

But after studying through the book of Ezekiel and seeing every single prophecy regarding the destruction of Jerusalem occur just as the Lord declared it would, and after reading so many specific details of the Temple, many Christians do believe that they should be interpreted literally (with a grammatical – historical, literary hermeneutic), as we have done through the whole book.

And so – yes! Ezekiel prophesies of actual animal sacrifices which will be given for burnt offerings, peace offerings, sin offerings, guilt offerings, for Passover, for the Feast of Tabernacles, for daily sacrifices, Sabbath sacrifices, and New Moon sacrifices.

He gives dimensions of an altar, details of tables for slaying the animals, and descriptions of kitchens and chambers for dining.

Our Bible study classes have studied these passages in the workbook That You May Know the Lord, and gained familiarity with these details. My lecture builds on the foundation of those lessons and I explain more about sacrifices.

The handout (link below) has 6 pages, because I have tried to give it as a complete resource with verses and statements included. The handout is not a comprehensive explanation of Ezekiel’s sacrifices, but it has a lot of information!

I explain more in my lecture.

There is no powerpoint, but this was on the screen for my entire lecture.