Ezekiel 40-43 The Millennial Temple

The future is bright for Israel and the world! The Lord God is going to return, in all of His glory, to a brand new, undefiled, magnificent temple! I am so looking forward to seeing it!

In Ezekiel 40, the hand of the Lord comes upon Ezekiel again, and takes him in a vision to a high mountain in Israel and shows him “something like the structure of a city.” You may be familiar with Revelation 21 which describes the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven. That’s not what Ezekiel sees.

Ezekiel is shown a vision of a temple complex; he is given a tour of all of its features; he is shown the measurements of the walls and gates and buildings. This is not a tour of the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21. They have different features and descriptions.

Ezekiel is shown a vision of a real temple that will be built on the earth after Jesus returns to reign as King of the world for 1000 years.

This temple will fulfill God’s promises that He made to His people Israel: that He would dwell in their midst.

Oh! Glory! The glory of the Lord will return to Jerusalem, to the temple, after having departed so long ago from Solomon’s temple (around 586BC).

And this temple, on earth, will allow for the intimate, personal relationship between God and people, as was His plan from the beginning.

Consider with me, in the video below, the similarities between the garden of Eden and the temple of the Lord!