Ezekiel 38 and 39 – The War of Gog

One day, the headlines will read that a massive coalition attempted to invade and take over Israel. And if the journalists tell the story correctly, they will say that the attempt failed because of the direct, supernatural intervention from the One True God, who is the God of Israel and the God of the whole world.

We have been given the details of this future invasion through the prophet Ezekiel. As we have been studying the whole book of Ezekiel, we have seen the prophecies come true – as they were explained. Jerusalem was attacked. The people were taken into exile. The city was captured and burned. The temple was destroyed. All these things were prophesied through Ezekiel and all these things happened.

Therefore, when it comes to the prophecy of an attack on Israel headed by the leader Gog, who is from the land of Magog, who joins forces with several other named nations, we should believe that this too is the prophecy of a real war in the future.

I’m making a specific point about this because there are Christians who read these chapters as being only symbolic, rather than actual. I’ll explain a few more things in my video about how to interpret these chapters with a grammatical-historical hermeneutic.

And I’ll explain the view that the War of Gog and his coalition could occur before the 7 year tribulation or even before rapture. In our homework studies of Ezekiel 38, 39 and Rev 19 and 20, we compared what appear to be three different end-time battles. My understanding is that the War of Gog is not the same as the war of the Antichrist at Armageddon, and it is not the same as the Final Rebellion led by Satan at the end of the Millennial Kingdom.

We don’t know when the events of the future will occur, but we know that they will occur.