Fun Stuff!

Is this the first link you clicked on?! If so, let’s have some fun together!

Jesus said:

….rejoice because your names are registered in heaven….

Luke 10:20 New Living Translation

I’ve got JOY!! that my name is written in the book of life. Do you? Please see this page – About Jesus – if you want to know more about Him.

Here was a fun party during our study on Hebrews! Sail-gating Party! Hebrews 10:23-24

When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be! What person from the Bible are you looking forward to hanging out with?

(Want to know more about Melchizedek? We study about him in the workbook on Hebrews: Hold Fast to Jesus.)

(Want to know more about Ezekiel? We see that he is a faithful, obedient servant of the Lord in That You May Know the Lord )

(We study Solomon’s Psalm 72 in Come, Let Us Worship )

I am looking forward to heaven, but while I’m on earth, I love spending time with my precious family! This cute little guy made me smile during my “author photoshoot”….

June 2020 … he’s one year old
The boys are cousins, 2 months apart! Our granddaughter is 4 yrs old, and there’s a baby on the way! Hooray! We love our son and his sweet wife, and our daughter and her dear husband! Wade and I are blessed.

What kind of treats would you like to enjoy in heaven? Jesus ate a piece of fish after He rose from the dead, so I think we will be able to enjoy food. I like coconut. And tiramisu. And pasta with marinara sauce. And biscuits!

Do you like to play games? The song by Audio Adrenaline – Big House – helps us imagine having fun in our Father God’s house. Playing football. Having lots of food. Being with all our family.

If you were playing the silly game of QUELF, who would you be?

  • The Platypus.
  • Mr. Lugnut.
  • Super Ninja Monkey.
  • The Dude.
  • The Biscuit Farmer.
  • Queen Spatula.
  • Batbileg Chinzorig.
  • Mrs. Pickle Feather.

Do you know which is which?!?

You came to this page for fun stuff, right?

Here’s the very first post I put on my website: Hello world!

Here’s a very special moment – sharing the launch of Hold Fast to Jesus – from Mom Ficken’s boat in Destin, Florida, with comments from Mom Ficken, my daughter Emily, my sister-in-law Chrissie, and my niece Holly: We are LAUNCHED! *Hebrews*

Here’s another extra special moment, as my family celebrated my mother’s move to Heaven: Susan Crow Bagwell Obituary (Do you wonder why that’s on my ‘Fun Stuff’ page? Oh, what a glorious hope and joy we have to look forward to when we are reunited with those who have died believing in Christ as their Savior.)

What else might be fun stuff for you?

Want to know about the flamingos? They’ve shown up in my Ephesians’ lecture Life in the Pink!, in my study on Job Wild animals! Job 38:39- 39:30 , and made an appearance during my Psalms study Flowers, flamingos and Psalms 23, 27, 145 as well!

There’s a lot to like about flamingos! First and foremost – they’re pink! I really started enjoying them right before my 40th birthday, and they weren’t everywhere back then in 2005. It was a little daring to embrace them. I had just written my first Bible study (on Ephesians), so, for me, at that time, they represented a leap of faith. I bought a pretty pink flamingo and “named” it Faith. Then, during my class on Ephesians, I discovered a few more fun facts about flamingos (see Life in the Pink!) , and realized that they could represent Hope. (I also “named” a flamingo – Hope.) And then… my sweet daughter gave me a fluffy stuffed flamingo. Her then boyfriend- now husband – asked me what I would name it! And he said it needed a middle name too. That stuffed flamingo represented my daughter’s love for me, and I named it Abundant Love. AKA – Abby Love!

I keep telling my granddauther that the stuffed flamingo is named Abby Love, but she wants to call her Sylvie, because we have a very fun book about a curious flamingo – named Sylvie.

And Now... for those who are curious about these things....

How did I get started writing Bible studies?

It was not something that I studied for, pursued, or ever imagined that I would do!

But God… did prepare me for this through my childhood, my parents, my church youth group, my college studies, involvement in women’s ministry, and the pastoral leadership of The Shepherd’s Church.

As a child, I enjoyed reading and being creative. But I did NOT like giving book reports. It’s funny that now, that’s exactly what I’m doing! Giving book reports on books of the Bible, and hoping that you will want to read them for yourself!

My Christian parents took me to church every Sunday and lived out their faith during the week. My father taught Sunday School and served as a lay preacher every now and then. He asked my sister and me biblical, thought-provoking questions. And made it clear that every person is born a sinner. I’ll tell you more about my story, my testimony… here About Me.

My mother had the gift of leadership and hospitality. And she was very organized at everything she did. She was also a very good proof-reader for my school papers. I think she made a huge impact on my writing abilities.

I produced a newsletter for my youth group and wrote a short little column for it each month. I guess that’s when I put my first comments in print.

I had a business writing class at Auburn University (War Eagle!) in which I had to summarize magazine articles, write persuasive letters, and do a research paper. (I think it was on the topic of the Mid-East oil embargo! Good grief! But I was an economics major and it was a business writing class, and I knew my father understood the issue, so I guess that’s why I had that topic.) That was so long ago that I had no computer, and I have no copy of that paper. That’s probably for the best.

After a few years of early marriage, relocating from Nashville, TN, to Dallas, TX, to Cary, NC, and having 2 children, I became very involved in women’s ministry at The Shepherd’s Church. God used that time to train me and teach me to depend on His Word more than I ever had. It was an answer to prayer.

After years of serving in MOPS and student ministry, I became the coordinator of women’s Bible studies. I surveyed curriculum for our teachers to use. We wanted something that we just couldn’t find. That’s when I started writing.

My goal was to write an in-depth study on a book of the Bible that would help women study the Bible for themselves.

Still want to know more?

Send me a note and ask me a question!

Thanks for spending time with me!