Don’t Miss the Good Stuff! Hebrews 2:1-4

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We have come to the first warning in the book of Hebrews! Pay attention! Don’t drift! Don’t neglect your great salvation!

The way I summed up this warning in the title of my lecture is: “Don’t Miss the Good Stuff!” We have been given everything we need through Jesus Christ our Savior. He has provided what we need, and what He has given us are amazing eternal spiritual blessings.

I will do my best (in the video below) to explain the warning given to us in Hebrews 2:1-3, and urge you, as the author of Hebrews did, to pay all the more attention to the message that Jesus has spoken to us.

There will be consequences for believers who don’t pay attention to the words of the Lord. Christians are saved by grace, and will escape eternal punishment, but we are still accountable to the Lord for our response to Him.  I want to pay attention and stay close to Him, and safe! I don’t want to drift into trouble!

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wk3.Don’t Miss the Good Stuff handout