Born to Die – Hebrews 2:5-18

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Every single thing that we know about Jesus is a vitally important truth which is a part of our salvation. We have to “get Jesus right.”  The Bible tells us about Him, and we have to know Him for who He is and we have to know what He has done.

In Hebrews 2:5-18, the author explains that Jesus was made a man. But with the introduction that he has already given us about the Son of God, we must realize that Jesus was more than just a mere man. He was the God-Man, and He was sent to earth with a non-negotiable plan: to die as a human in our place, bearing the wrath of God in our place. Each and every individual born on planet earth has been born with a sin problem. Jesus, only Jesus, is the solution to that problem.

Jesus died. Jesus “made propitiation for our sins.” Jesus rose again. Problem solved.

Tune in to my lecture for further explanations and Scriptures that tell us exactly what Jesus did and why He did it.

He was born to die.

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