Psalm 91 – Trust at All Times

There are two words in verse 1 that are very important, perhaps the most important words in all of Psalm 91. They are the verbs dwell and abide. Both of these verbs indicate a consistent, continuous action of being with, remaining with, living in the intimate presence of the Lord. This is the normal characteristic of the one who will be sheltered by the Lord.

We are to be in constant communion and relationship with the LORD – talking to Him, listening to Him, trusting Him, obeying Him… all day every day. Abiding. This is a beautiful word. Remaining. With Him.  This is the key to protection, and it is the theme of this psalm.

And please note carefully the attitude of the one who remains in intimate fellowship with the Lord: verse 2 says “I will say to the Lord: My refuge and my fortress, My God, IN WHOM I TRUST.”  To trust the Lord is to trust Him, no matter what. To trust His wisdom, His protection, and whatever trials He may allow you to experience.  When you dwell with the Lord and abide in His presence, you will be protected through all types of situations.

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